Upcycled & DIY Décor Ideas for a Lodge Wedding.
Best Upcycled & DIY Décor Ideas for a Lodge Wedding.

Best Upcycled & DIY Décor Ideas for a Lodge Wedding

Creating a unique and personalized atmosphere for your lodge wedding can be achieved beautifully with upcycled and DIY décor ideas. These eco-friendly options not only add charm and character to your venue but also contribute to a more sustainable celebration. Here are some of the best upcycled and DIY décor ideas for a lodge wedding:


Upcycled & DIY Décor Ideas for a Lodge Wedding
Best Upcycled & DIY Décor Ideas for a Lodge Wedding

1. Mason Jar Lanterns

  • Materials Needed: Mason jars, candles, twine, and decorative accents like lace or ribbon.
  • DIY Steps: Clean and dry the jars, wrap twine around the necks, and secure with hot glue. Place candles inside and embellish with lace or ribbon for a rustic touch. Hang them from tree branches or along pathways for ambient lighting.

2. Wooden Pallet Signs

  • Materials Needed: Wooden pallets, sandpaper, paint or chalk, stencils (optional), and hooks or stands.
  • DIY Steps: Sand down the pallets to remove rough edges. Paint or chalk your wedding signage onto the pallets using stencils for neat lettering. Prop them up at the entrance, near seating areas, or at the ceremony site to guide guests.

3. Vintage Suitcase Card Box

  • Materials Needed: Vintage suitcase, fabric or decorative paper, glue, and scissors.
  • DIY Steps: Line the inside of the suitcase with fabric or decorative paper. Attach a small sign instructing guests to place cards inside. Display it on a table near the entrance or reception area for a nostalgic and practical touch.

4. Wine Bottle Centerpieces

  • Materials Needed: Empty wine bottles, spray paint or chalk paint, twine or ribbon, and fresh or artificial flowers.
  • DIY Steps: Clean and remove labels from the bottles. Spray-paint them in colors that match your wedding theme or chalk paint for a rustic look. Wrap twine or ribbon around the necks and fill with flowers to create elegant centerpieces for tables.

5. Burlap Table Runners

  • Materials Needed: Burlap fabric, scissors, and sewing machine (optional).
  • DIY Steps: Cut burlap into long strips to fit your tables as table runners. You can leave the edges raw for a rustic look or sew them for a neater finish. Burlap adds texture and complements the lodge setting beautifully.

6. DIY Photo Booth

  • Materials Needed: Wooden frames, props (hats, masks, signs), and a camera or smartphone for guests to take photos.
  • DIY Steps: Create a backdrop using wooden frames draped with lace, fairy lights, or greenery. Set up a table with props that match your wedding theme. Guests can take photos using their phones or a designated camera, creating fun memories.

7. Eco-Friendly Confetti

  • Materials Needed: Dried flowers or leaves, hole punch, and recycled paper.
  • DIY Steps: Use a hole punch to create small, biodegradable confetti from recycled paper. Add dried flowers or leaves for a natural touch. Offer them in bowls for guests to sprinkle during celebratory moments like the recessional or first dance.

8. Upcycled Wine Cork Place Card Holders

  • Materials Needed: Wine corks, utility knife, and place cards.
  • DIY Steps: Cut a slit lengthwise into the top of each cork using a utility knife. Insert place cards with guests’ names to indicate seating arrangements. These charming holders can also double as wedding favors.

9. Handcrafted Ceremony Altar

  • Materials Needed: Tree branches, wildflowers, and fabric or ribbon.
  • DIY Steps: Gather tall tree branches and arrange them in a teepee shape to create an altar. Wrap the branches with fabric or ribbon and adorn them with wildflowers for a natural and picturesque ceremony backdrop.

10. Fairy Light Installations

  • Materials Needed: String lights (LED for energy efficiency), extension cords, and hooks or tape for hanging.
  • DIY Steps: Create enchanting light installations by draping string lights across tree branches, along pathways, or around the reception area. Combine with lanterns or mason jars for a magical ambiance after sunset.


Upcycled and DIY décor ideas add a personal touch to your lodge wedding while promoting sustainability. From repurposing everyday items to creating handmade accents, these creative projects not only enhance your wedding aesthetics but also reflect your commitment to environmental responsibility. Embrace these ideas to make your lodge wedding both memorable and eco-friendly, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.