Photography & Videography for a Lodge Wedding
Photography & Videography for a Lodge Wedding

Photography & Videography for a Lodge Wedding

Capturing the magic of a lodge wedding through photography and videography ensures that your special moments are preserved forever. The natural beauty and rustic charm of a lodge provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos and videos. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get the best photography and videography for your lodge wedding:


Photography & Videography for a Lodge Wedding
Photography & Videography for a Lodge Wedding

1. Choose the Right Photographer and Videographer

  • Research: Look for photographers and videographers who have experience with lodge or outdoor weddings. Their portfolios should showcase their ability to capture the unique lighting and scenery of a lodge setting.
  • Meet and Greet: Schedule meetings with potential photographers and videographers to discuss your vision, their style, and ensure you feel comfortable with them.

2. Plan Ahead

  • Scout the Location: Visit the lodge before the wedding day to identify the best spots for photos and videos. Look for scenic views, unique architectural features, and natural elements like trees, lakes, or mountains.
  • Create a Shot List: Work with your photographer and videographer to create a shot list of must-have photos and videos. This can include specific poses, group shots, and candid moments.

3. Utilize Natural Light

  • Golden Hour: Schedule time for photos during the golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. The soft, warm light during these times creates beautiful, flattering images.
  • Embrace Natural Light: Use natural light as much as possible. Large windows, open doors, and outdoor settings provide excellent lighting for stunning photos and videos.

4. Capture the Details

  • Decor and Setup: Make sure to capture the details of your decor, including table settings, floral arrangements, and unique lodge features. These shots help tell the story of your wedding day.
  • Personal Touches: Photograph and film personal touches like custom signs, wedding favors, and special mementos. These details add depth to your wedding album and video.

5. Embrace the Surroundings

  • Outdoor Backdrops: Take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding the lodge. Photos and videos by the lake, in the forest, or against a mountain backdrop can be breathtaking.
  • Rustic Elements: Incorporate rustic elements of the lodge, such as wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and cozy interiors, to enhance the charm of your photos and videos.

6. Capture Candid Moments

  • Authentic Interactions: Encourage your photographer and videographer to capture candid moments. Authentic interactions between you and your guests create heartfelt and genuine memories.
  • Behind the Scenes: Document behind-the-scenes moments, like getting ready, setting up, and spontaneous laughter. These moments add a personal touch to your wedding story.

7. Use Drone Footage

  • Aerial Views: If the lodge and surrounding area are particularly scenic, consider using a drone to capture aerial views. This adds a dramatic and unique perspective to your wedding video.
  • Smooth Transitions: Drones can provide smooth transitions between different parts of the wedding venue, giving a cinematic feel to your wedding video.

8. Incorporate Personal Stories

  • Interviews: Have your videographer include short interviews with you, your partner, and close family members or friends. These personal stories add emotional depth to your wedding video.
  • Voiceovers: Use voiceovers to narrate special moments or to share your love story. This can make your wedding video more intimate and meaningful.

9. Plan for All Weather

  • Weather Contingency: Be prepared for any weather conditions. Have a plan for taking photos and videos indoors if it rains, and embrace the beauty of each season, whether it’s snow, sunshine, or autumn leaves.
  • Weather-Proof Gear: Ensure your photographer and videographer have weather-proof gear to protect their equipment and continue capturing moments regardless of the weather.

10. Create a Highlight Reel

  • Short and Sweet: Ask your videographer to create a highlight reel that captures the best moments of your wedding day. This short video is perfect for sharing on social media and with friends and family.
  • Full-Length Video: In addition to the highlight reel, have a full-length wedding video that includes the ceremony, speeches, and key moments. This comprehensive video will be a treasured keepsake.


Photography and videography are essential for preserving the memories of your lodge wedding. By choosing the right professionals, planning ahead, and making the most of the natural beauty and unique features of the lodge, you can ensure your wedding photos and videos are stunning and meaningful. From utilizing natural light and capturing candid moments to incorporating personal stories and using drone footage, these tips will help you create a beautiful visual record of your special day.